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viernes, 18 de mayo de 2018

4º CC.SS. - TEMA 9 - Review

Join words with definitions: Popular Front, problem of land ownership, Non-Intervention Committee, militias, International Brigades, Nationalists, Republicans, Reformist Biennium, Conservative Biennium.
• Volunteers from all over the world.
• Coalition formed by left-wing Republicans.
• Loyal to the legitimate government.
• 1931-1933.
• There were thousands of landless peasants.
• Voluntary civilian forces.
• Francoists.
• Committee formed by France and Britain.
• 1933-1935.

Who were these figures: Alcalá Zamora, Lerroux, Largo Caballero, Franco, Negrín.
• He formed a government with the support of the communists.
• He was elected prime minister in April 1931.
• He took leadership of the new state.
• He was the leader of the Radical Party and prime minister in 1933.
• He created a government in September 1936.