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lunes, 29 de enero de 2018

4º CC.SS. - TEMA 4 - Activity

11.- Correct if necessary:
• The Spanish constitution of 1876 declares Isabella II legitimate Queen of Spain:
• The legislative power resides in the judges:
• The Cortes is composed of two legislative bodies, the Senate and the Chamber of Representatives:
• All senators are elected:
• All senators must be fifty-five years of age:
• One deputy being elected for every 75,000 souls:
• Deputies are elected for a period of six years:
• The president and vice-presidents of the Congress are nominated by the king:
• Citizens can be compelled to pay a tax not voted by Congress:
• The person of deputies is not inviolable.
• Judges and magistrates are movable:
• The provinces are administered by a mayor:
• A Provincial Deputation is elected by the voters of the province:
• Below the provincial council are the municipal authorities, the governors and municipal councils: