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jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013

1º CC.SS. - TEMA 10 - Repaso

Choose the correct verb to complete the sentences about Ancient Greece:
  • The people of Greece didn’t live/lived in independent city-states.
  • Women and foreigners possessed/didn’t possess political rights.
  • Greece doesn’t include/includes thousands of islands.
  • The Greek alphabet influenced/didn’t influence the development of all Western alphabets:
  • Greek games were/weren’t part of religious festivals.

Correct these sentences if necessary:
  • The agriculture in Ancient Greece was based on growing olives:
  • The livestock in Ancient Greece was based on herding camels:
  • Greece had a central government and all the poleis had the same ways of government:
  • After a long process, oligarchy was established in Athens:
  • Sparta polis was ruled by five kings:
  • The first Persian War ended when the Persians won the Battle of Marathon:
  • The central cult structure of the temples was the opisthodomos:
  • Oligarchy means “rule by the few”:
  • Athens had limited democracy; only free adult males were citizens:
  • Athensʼ main rival was Mycenae:
  • Philip II of Macedonia conquered Greece and Italy:
  • Alexander built a huge empire:
  • Hellenistic science provided much of the scientific knowledge of the world until the modern age:
  • Parthenon was on the Spartan acropolis: