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martes, 13 de noviembre de 2012

1º CC.SS. - TEMA 2 - Vocabulary solved

  • Cliff: high steep rock face.
  • Mountain: high terrain with steep slopes.
  • Plateau: extensive flat area at a certain altitude over the sea level.
  • Plain: low and flat area.
  • Stream: a flow of water with considerably less volume than a river.
  • Riverbed: a river flows along this.
  • Volcano: an opening in the Earth`s crust.
  • Aquifer: fresh water that is underground.
  • Continent: one of the five very large areas of land.
  • Continental shelf: plunged plateau that extends from the edge of the continents to about 200 m deep.
  • Mantle: intermediate layer.
  • Lithosphere: the Earth`s crust and upper mantle.